Back to craft

NAP Back to Craft is a manufacturer, distributor and seller of furniture, textiles, lamps and interior decoration accessories. Our "Back to craft" tagline refers to the selection of top-quality products, all or most of which are made by hand with the use of natural materials.

The NAP furniture includes upholstered beds, sofas, armchairs, chairs and coffee tables. Under the TAKE A NAP brand we offer home textiles, including sets of bedclothes, plaids, throws, decorative pillow cases, bags, kitchen aprons and various home accessories. We have textiles in stock and we can make them to the client’s order.


At NAP, our fascination with craft is not just a temporary fad, but an idea that has been with us since the very beginning. Back to Craft is our company’s conscious development strategy, thanks to which all the products offered by NAP stand out with their quality and their design.

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