Without them, there would be no Friends series, no dialogue scenes in Jim Jarmusch’s Coffee and Cigarettes, and Woody Allen would have nothing to monologue. Our new collection wouldn’t be there. Sofa — a central spot in the house. Versatile and practical. Perfect to relax. For meeting and conversation. An absolute must-have.

NAP Studio
Three different looks on a piece of furniture in space — that’s our sofas collection designed by NAP Studio. There is a classic and elegant Slim sofa, the refined Puffy, which will be found in modern interiors, as well as Lama - a comfortable French-style sofa.

NAP Studio team
Sofa Slim
High legs and a personalized keder in fabric or leather are the elements that make the Slim sofa stand out. Removable cushions can act as a headboard. Slim can be customized with 2 armrest heights and 4 widths of the 10 cm foam mattress. It’s got an Italian folding mechanism. True elegant — sofa looks great in minimalist interiors.

Sofa Slim

A comfortable French-style sofa, beautifully presented in a cover of natural fabrics - linen and cotton. Characteristically narrowing armrests and soft cushions give it lightness. It has 12 cm high foam mattress in widths, an Italian unfolding mechanism and a replaceable cover. It is compact, ideal for smaller interiors.

Sofa Slim

It is not a crumb, but it fits perfectly with modern arrangements. It is very comfortable, with it’s 17 cm spring mattress and an Italian folding mechanism. It’s a great choice as an everyday bed. Sofa Puffy looks perfect in thick fabrics, and velvet is always in trend for her.

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