2,5 seater folding Puffy Sofa NAP

Puffy sofa goes perfectly with modern interiors. It provides very high sleeping comfort by its spring mattress 17 cm high. When unfolded, the cushions hide under the frame. Seat filling: cut foam with a silicone ball, backrest filling (small and large): feathers and silicone ball. The sofa is available in 1.5, 2, 2.5, 3 and 4-person seater versions with sleeping function, in selected variants of the fabric cover. Metal and wooden legs in several colours to choose from.

Duration: 6 weeks
The sofa has a 17cm comfortable spring mattress.
Mattress dimensions: 140 x 197 cm
Dimensions: 215 x 110 x 94 cm
Dimensions when unfolded: 215 x 230 x 94 cm
Pillow dimensions: 2x 75 x 35 cm
Seat height: 50 cm
Leg height: 8 cm
The mattress fold-out does not require removing the pillows.
The sofa has a 17cm spring sleeping mattress. Pillows are price-included.
It is not possible to order a sofa without pillows.
sofa with sleeping function
2,5 seater sofa

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